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   千山始创于1995年,公司早期是以石材、雕刻产品的加工制作、安装施工起步的,前身是河北省曲阳县环球石材雕刻厂(现已变更:曲阳千山石材雕刻有限公司),主营业务为石材、石制品加工制作,幕墙安装;在部队深化改革前,我公司系总参工程处下属的专业幕墙施工队,曾参与多项部队重大工程的幕墙项目;2004年创办了北京工厂(北京千山伟业建材公司),自此开始有了北京、河北两个生产基地; 2010年组建了北京千山幕墙装饰工程有限公司,主要承揽幕墙、门窗、装饰等专业分包工程;2013年成立北京千山丰业玻璃有限公司,主要经营玻璃深加工、销售等相关业务;2018年收购了一家新型建材公司并更名为北京千山兴业科技发展有限公司,主要研发面向未来建筑市场的新型建材;2019年我们设立了海口分公司,主要进行区域性市场的开拓。

   我公司资信方面为国家住建部认定的幕墙双甲企业,装饰双乙企业,且已通过ISO国际管理体系认证和行业AAA级信用认证,同时公司也是北京建筑装饰协会会员单位,幕墙门窗专业工作委员会委员单位;  我公司工厂方面,现有北京、河北、广东三个加工基地。北京房山基地总占地60余亩,主要为玻璃、石材、铝材等幕墙主材进行配套深加工;河北曲阳基地占地40余亩,主要为石材、雕刻类产品的加工生产;广东肇庆基地占地20余亩,主要为断桥铝合金门窗,普通铝合金门窗,金刚纱窗,百叶,铝格栅,系统窗,幕墙窗进行加工生产。公司现有加工厂房总面积33000余㎡,各类管理人员和产业工人300余人,各类幕墙面板年产能达120万㎡。


Qianshan was founded in 1995. In the early stage, the company started with the processing, manufacturing and installation of stone and carving products. Its predecessor was the Huanqiu stone carving factory of Quyang County, Hebei Province (changed: Quyang Qianshan stone carving Co., Ltd.), and its main business is the processing and production of stone and stone products, and curtain wall installation. Before the deepening reform of the army, our company was a professional curtain subordinate to the Engineering Department of the general staff In 2004, Beijing factory (Beijing Qianshan Weiye building materials Co., Ltd.) was founded. Since then, two production bases in Beijing and Hebei have been established; In 2010, Beijing Qianshan curtain wall decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was established, mainly engaged in specialized subcontracting projects such as curtain wall, doors and windows, decoration, etc.; in 2013, Beijing Qianshan Fengye Glass Co., Ltd. was established, mainly engaged in glass deep processing, sales and other related businesses; in 2018, it acquired a new building materials company and renamed Beijing Qianshan Xingye Technology Development Co., Ltd., mainly researching and developing for the future New building materials in the construction market; in 2019, we set up Haikou branch company, mainly for regional market development.

In terms of credit, our company is a double a curtain wall enterprise and a decoration double B enterprise recognized by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development of the people's Republic of China, and has passed the ISO international management system certification and industry AAA credit certification. At the same time, the company is also a member of Beijing Architectural Decoration Association and a member of curtain wall doors and windows professional working committee; In terms of our factory, there are two processing bases in Beijing and Hebei, including Fangshan base in Beijing, which covers a total area of more than 60 mu, mainly for glass, stone, aluminum and other curtain wall materials for deep processing. Quyang base in Hebei covers an area of more than 40 mu, mainly for the processing and production of stone and carving products. The company's existing processing plant covers a total area of more than 25000 square meters, with various management personnel and industries There are more than 200 workers, and the annual production capacity of various curtain wall panels reaches 1 million square meters.

After more than 20 years of accumulation and development, Qianshan has become a whole industry chain company with curtain wall, doors and windows, stone and sculpture as the main parts, integrating production, processing, design and construction. Our company's products have excellent quality, attentive service and reasonable price, which are generally recognized by customers. From 2020, we will set up more and more Regional branch, began to develop the national market. We look forward to your visit and guidance, and work together for win-win!